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Elevator shaft measuring rail mounting localizer / seek feet / laser vertical collimator /

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Good quality Elevator buttons for sales
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Elevator shaft measuring rail mounting localizer / seek feet / laser vertical collimator /

China Elevator shaft measuring rail mounting localizer / seek feet / laser vertical collimator / supplier

Large Image :  Elevator shaft measuring rail mounting localizer / seek feet / laser vertical collimator /

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EST
Certification: Survey certificate issued
Model Number: Jaz-E

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: FOB USD3000/SET
Packaging Details: Box packing as the photo show
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days by DHL
Payment Terms: TT,Paypal,Western Union
Supply Ability: 3000/Month
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Detailed Product Description
TYPE: Elevator Parts Use For: Elevator Hoistway Measurement

Elevator shaft measuring rail mounting localizer / seek feet / laser vertical collimator / automatic Anping laser vertical collimator / school track feet
     JZC laser vertical collimator is an optical, electrical and mechanical rolled into one high-precision laser instrument (see Figure 1). It is composed of lasers, optical collimation system, automatic compensation system, power supply and circuit systems and includes a dedicated fixture, adjusting the mechanical part of the hand wheel, round blisters, shell composition. It was light and the number of targets (see Figure 6) or other optical target to form a complete measurement system elevator guide rails.
Main machine:
Elevator shaft measuring rail mounting localizer / seek feet / laser vertical collimator /
Elevator shaft measuring rail mounting localizer / seek feet / laser vertical collimator /
Configuration Features
    JZC laser uses a semiconductor laser with a wavelength of 658nm, output power <1mw, belong to the class 2 laser, this type of laser eye by light avoidance response (including wink) provide protection, in full compliance with national standards for radiation Chinese "Laser Products safety equipment classification, requirements and user guide "requirement of GB7247-1995. Also in full compliance with EN61010-1: 2001 EN60825-1: 1994 + A1A2 of European standards, and adopted the CE certification TUV safe use. JZC products are safe laser equipment, users do not need to worry about the laser radiation hazards.
Power supply:
  JZC instrument 3V DC power supply, just two ordinary AA battery can work continuously for more than 35 hours, convenient and safe
Main Machine can do 360°rotation
   You can make the connection between the body and the seat JZC instrument host of 360 ° rotation, the body is marked with 0 °, scale 90 °, 180 °, 270 °, the connection base with a white marker as a pointer to a corresponding scale value. Users can easily self-test the accuracy of the instrument, the measurement error in the practical application of the measurement process can be produced by rotating 180 ° to eliminate.
The user can select as needed, the company also designed, manufactured according to the special requirements of users.
     ZC instrument has elevator guide rail firm, easy installation card interface, with a safety rope to prevent the instrument fall, and set up the host and tripod mounting interface to address measurements in other occasions.
     JZC-E-type instrument Weight 1500g, easy to carry.
Digital optical target
   As carried guide verticality and straightness measurement system, apparently in addition to the host, its performance will be the measurement accuracy of the system's impact on the receiving device. JZC digital optical target through scientific design, and a set of optical and electrical. It is apparent by the caliper, cursors, prism, reticle, trays, laser pointing device, a dedicated power supply and circuitry as well as special fixtures and other mechanical components, to form a receiving, two systems emit laser multifunction digital display optical target.
Elevator shaft measuring rail mounting localizer / seek feet / laser vertical collimator /
Features  of Digital optical target:
Receiving System:
By a set of two-dimensional cursor digital display unit and prism: the digital display unit X and Y directions of the main scale 90 ° to each other in a 60mm × 70mm range, ± 6', reading accuracy 0.01mm; prism pair spot alignment error is the human eye in reading accuracy between 0.1 ~ 0.2mm.
     Digital optical target and elevator guide rail with a special fixture, and a safety rope interface to prevent drop damage


1)Light technical parameters

Elevator shaft measuring rail mounting localizer / seek feet / laser vertical collimator /

Elevator installation Application:
1. hanging instead of the traditional hammer discharge line process, directly determine the reference line with Article install JZC, and measure the hoistway.
2.Opair of guide rails for accurate measurement after installation, vertical rails determination linearity deviations, the measured data is used to draw the rails in the X, Y coordinate axis of the curve, and analysis of two primary rail in space X, Y two parallel bias.
3.use JZC laser level scanning function, the threshold level of elevators and other components were crossed and measurement.
Elevator installation quality acceptance Application:
    Rapid Determination of the vertical rail mounting, parallelism, and bias in the space X, Y axis for the elevator ride quality merits of a scientific analysis of the data provided.
Elevator maintenance transformation application:
    Since the online operation of the elevator guide rails are many causes of vertical, linear guide, etc. changes. Use JZC can always measure the linear guide occurs, parallelism deviations. And so decide whether to amend the data. Therefore, when the elevator renovation, use JZC allows you quick and easy replacement, correction rail.
Application of escalators and moving walkways installation (need to increase the Annex - horizontal scan converter):
1.escalator installation to determine the level of reference
2.determine and detect moving walkway installation level benchmarks.
3. automatic lifting parking equipment installation and testing to determine the level of the baseline.
   Applicable to other needs precision vertical and horizontal datum reference measurement occasions
Elevator guide rail installation, testing existing problems
Ride quality factors affecting rail mounting lift
Plumb sex
After the completion of the building due to various factors, will produce uneven settlement, the building will tilt to one direction, then the guide also followed the building and lean, the car guide shoe will be pressed against the T-rail of a working surface, The size of this force, if the calculation of the total weight of 2000kg press the elevator is full, then the guide verticality deviation 1 °, will produce 35 kg of lateral force, and this is a continuous load, it will increase the wear on the shoes, so mounting rails are in a vertical line to do benchmarks.
In rail mounting process will appear linear bias. The existence of this bias makes the elevator car acceleration is generated in the operation level, once the deviation is large enough, it will affect the ride comfort, serious hoistway information collection will generate an error signal, which will affect the safe operation of the lift .
Rail linear deviation along X, Y-axis direction both positive and negative deviations.
National Elevator installation and acceptance criteria for rail mounting make strict rules, "GB50310-2002" provides that "the two columns from the deviation between the top surface of the rail should be: the car guide rails 0 ~ + 2mm; for heavy rail 0 ~ + 3mm", "car the car has a safety rail and heavy rail clamp deviation surface (including the side and the top surface) and the installation of the reference line should not exceed 0.6 / 5000mm. 
Elevator guide rail installation, testing and problems of traditional methods
  Elevator guide rail installation method is currently taking place model planes hanging wire hammer approach. As you know, the Earth's gravity center of the earth is the point, hammer hanging line method is to use the Earth's gravitational field, will be a ф0.6 piano wire around the upper end fixed, the lower end of a hammer hanging under gravity, which roots Wire is a "plumb line." Hanging weight seemingly simple and accurate method, but in fact very difficult to guarantee the construction site vertical quasi accuracy.
First, the wire hanging hammer itself is also a swing, the role of the Earth's rotation and external forces, the weight will be kept for a certain period of swing, a 100 m long heavy hammer, swinging period and up to 20 second, it is difficult to stop, so often at the bottom with a barrel filled with oil, the oil will increase the weight placed on the damping to minimize "pendulum" of amplitude. Hammer swing is not only time consuming, but also seriously affect the accuracy. Secondly, the weight of the hanging line is a flexible line, it is susceptible to the hoistway wind, especially on cross-wind, a 100 m-long 10 kg weight, if only by one gram in weight at the lateral force (equivalent to an ant the size of the force strength) effects, it will make the suspension wire deviation 10 mm at 100 meters, which is about 20 arcseconds error, again, hanging wire is a tensioned string, it is prone to the transverse and longitudinal vibrations the transmission of vibration caused by fluctuations. Seen from the above, the suspension wires seemingly simple and accurate, in fact, the construction site is indeed difficult to ensure a vertical quasi precision. This is also the reason for many years people have been pursuing laser vertical quasi methods. In contrast, laser vertical collimator having a highly collimated, high vertical quasi resistance, high stiffness, high stability, free from outside influence, are hanging wire unmatched.
In addition, the traditional installation process on two rails side face coplanarity (twisted) usually seek feet resolved, but the amount of twist the rails difficult to achieve quantified control, largely dependent on the skills of the installer. The number JZC laser vertical collimator explicit target laser pointing the light at the bottom of the two rails coplanarity provides fast and accurate measurements.
Elevator installation after commissioning acceptance testing to be performed at this time has no scaffolding, and generally model planes, steel baseline also removed, usually five meters acceptance department hammer to detect the magnetic field lines.
1) The detection methods, each measuring up to five meters is detected, and each time the measurement has a benchmark, so multiple measurements, the cumulative error is large, the data can not be accurately guide the entire process.
2) rail deviation amount (X), (Y), with 5 noodle hammer can only be measured in the X direction, and then measuring the Y-direction, so that reference is constantly changing, obviously the measurement error is large.
3) Face rail side coplanar question (twisted rails), due to the large scale of seek errors, generally only controlled at 0.2 ~ 0.3mm, the margin of error can not meet the actual needs, it is difficult to make twisted rails the amount of analysis that the conventional elevator installation guide detects the outline simply no distortion of the test items, and the "guide distortions" happens to be a lot already, "straightening rails", the key can not be comfortable running.
Maintenance and reconstruction
After the elevator running, rail due to the building settlement, concrete shrinkage, the impact of the car to run mechanical friction, etc., are inevitably occur rail displacement and deformation, but lift a hammer hanging line after running can not be used, there is no baseline, rail maintenance, bias correction, there are many difficulties. In the elevator car overhaul update, when corrected rail, usually re scaffolding, put the model planes, hanging hammer-drawn steel wire and other measures, so time-consuming, laborious, increased the number of maintenance costs. 

Elevator shaft measuring rail mounting localizer / seek feet / laser vertical collimator /

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